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Jiangang Liu-Affiliated Hospital of Shandong Academy of Medical Sciences

Jiangang Liu: Chief physician and professor, the first person in the extensive clinical application of ozone in China, standing member of the Chinese Medical Ozone Therapy Professional Committee, director of the Medical Ozone Therapy Training Base of the Training Department of the Chinese National Health Association, and director of the Chinese and Western Medicine Confluence Branch of the Chinese Society of Chinese Medical Information Research. Expert member of the National Intractable Diseases Expert Committee, executive director of the National Neck, Shoulder, Lumbar and Leg Pain Research Association, professor of the Biological Center of Shandong Academy of Medical Sciences, chairman of the National Medical Ozone Therapy Research Association, director of the International Natural Therapy Innovation Alliance, executive director of the China Medical Education Association, Director of the Chinese Medicine Anti-aging Medicine Branch, director of the Chinese Ozone Therapy Research Institute, and vice chairman of the Jinan Huaiyin District Medical Association. Professor Jiangang Liu created his own unique theory in the clinical application of ozone, and proposed that ozone has eleven medical functions, ten clinical application technologies, and fourteen human pathways, especially in the application of ozone autologous blood (03-AHT) It is quite deep, and has obtained a patent for ozone special blood bags, which is trusted by patients.

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