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Zhijian Yu- Zhujiang Hospital of Guangzhou First Military Medical University

Zhijian Yu, MD, Deputy Chief Physician and Associate Professor, works at the Imaging Center of Zhujiang Hospital, Southern Medical University. Engaged in magnetic resonance imaging diagnosis and interventional radiology for 20 years. The first animal experiment and clinical research on medical ozone treatment of lumbar disc herniation in China, has been reported by many domestic newspapers such as the Health News. During the first nationwide ozone therapy training class held in June 2002, he had an in-depth academic exchange with Professor Marco, President of the Italian Society of Neuroradiology, and under the guidance of Professor Marco, completed the first ozone treatment case of cervical cervical disc herniation with Dr. Xiaofeng He. At present, more than 1,000 cases of lumbar and cervical disc herniation surgery have been completed, with an effective rate of more than 80%, and have extensive experience in ozone treatment of piriformis syndrome, refractory ulcers and fistulas. They have been published in professional magazines at home and abroad. More than ten related papers. At the 8th World Congress of Neurological Intervention Therapy in Venice, Italy, in October 2005, the paper "Animal Experimental Study of Medical Ozone for Lumbar Intervertebral Disc Protrusion" caused great attention and was cited many times by the conference.

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