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Ozonated Oil Making System

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    Product Name:Ozonated Oil Making System

    Product Model:

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    Product Name:Ozonated Oil Making System

    Product Model:ZAMT-Y20

    Ozonated oil making system is the latest ozonated oil production equipment developed by Shandong Zibo Qianyan Medical Instrument Co., Ltd. The equipment adopts:

    •  Touch screen system for its control unit,

    •  Advanced titanium alloy substrate and quartz glass curved surface discharge technology for its high-efficiency and long-life ozone generator.

    •  ZAMT-2402 dual-channel ozone concentration sensor with UV light source.

    Color touch screen technology, easy operations by finger press.

    Equipped with a temperature sensor to ensure that the equipment operates under safe and reasonable conditions.

    With perfect alarm function, including temperature over-limit alarm and concentration sensor alarm function.

    Built-in compression refrigerator can effectively control the temperature in the generator and the ozonated oil mixer to improve the production efficiency.

    Ozone generation unit of high efficiency and long life, using titanium alloy substrate and quartz glass curved discharge technology.

    Ultraviolet dual-channel ozone concentration sensor, the concentration value is accurate and stable, and the ozonated oil complex concentration can be calculated in real time.

    Sensor concentration automatic calibration: The concentration calibration is performed automatically during operation to ensure the real-time accuracy of the concentration.



    Ozonated oil output L/8h


    Ozonated oil concentration g/L


    Mains Input


    Input power KVA


    Cooling Method

    Air Cooling

    Nozzle size of cooling water inlet


    Oxygen Input Flow m3/h


    Oxygen Input Concentration %


    Oxygen Input Pressure kPa


    Oxygen Input Nozzle size


    Weight KG


    Dimension mm w/o oxygen generator



    The device should be protected from upside-down, collision and rain during transportation.

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