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Faults and Trouble-shooting methods for ZAMT-7140 Inner Heating Dry Needle Therapy Unit

Faults and troubleshooting methods: If you still can't eliminate the faults by referring to the following methods, please contact after-sales service personnel from Qianyan Medical to arrange the equipment repair.




equipment without power


replace cartridge fuse

2、socket no-voltage or power cord obstructed

replace socket or inspect circut

abnormality of the equipment

1、low supply voltage   

Assure 200V-240V of supply voltage

2.strong electric or magnetic field interference

move the equipment away

During the treatment, if the displayed temperature is higher than the set temperature by more than 5 ° C, the system will display the following alarm prompt and stop all output.


During the treatment process, if the following fault message appears, please stop all operations immediately to check the whole machine.


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