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Clinical application of ozone in special inflammation

Table of Contents

I. The concept of inflammation

II. Pathophysiology of inflammation

III.The dangers of inflammation

IV. Traditional treatment options for inflammation

V. Improved treatment options for inflammation

VI.The prospect of anti-inflammatory treatment

Concept of inflammation

The defensive response of living tissues with vascular system to damage factors is inflammation. On the one hand, the damage factors directly or indirectly cause the destruction of tissues and cells; on the other hand, the inflammatory congestion and exudation reactions, as well as the dilution, killing and surrounding damage factors. Therefore, the regeneration of parenchyma and interstitial cells enables repair and healing of damaged tissues, so inflammation is a unified process of injury and resistance to injury.

Pathological changes in inflammation


Metamorphosis is the result of the direct action of inflammatory factors, or the local blood circulation disorders and immune mechanisms that occur during the inflammation process, as well as the results of the introduction of inflammatory response products

2. Oozing

a. Hemodynamic changes

b. liquid leakage

c. increased vascular permeability

d. Cell exudation

3. Hyperplasia

Inflammation of inflammation is an important defense response, which has the effect of limiting the spread and diffusion of inflammation and enabling damaged tissues to regenerate and repair.

Harm of inflammation

1. Local tissue necrosis

2. Damage to organ function

3. Multiple organ failure in the body

Specific treatments for inflammation

I. Traditional inflammation treatment measures

Single antibiotic

Antibiotic combination

Antibiotic + immune booster

2. Improved inflammation treatment measures

Single antibiotic + trioxin

Comparison of traditional anti-inflammatory treatment and modern anti-inflammatory treatment




Inflammation rate control



Medical equipment



Toxin clearance in the body



Impact on human immunity



Effects on human body metabolism

Cause disorder

Restore balance

Types of inflammation that ozone can interfere with

Bacteria      Treponema   Virus        Fungus

Rickettsia     Chlamydia   Actinomycetes Mycoplasma

Special infectious diseases treated with ozone

I. viral hepatitis

II. Osteomyelitis

III. Cor Pulmonale

IV. Epidemic hemorrhagic fever

V. Sepsis

VI. Subacute bacterial endocarditis

How Ozone Treats Pain



Disc ablation

Disc herniation

Clearance of inflammatory mediators

Gout, arthritis

Alter vascular permeability

Synovitis of the knee

Free radical scavenging

Joint pain caused by infection

Improve neurotrophy

Pain syndrome in complex area

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What diseases can ozone treat

Pain disorders

Faster and more ideal treatment for headaches, migraines, gout, pain, vasculitis, joint pain, cervical spondylosis, shoulder pain, various inflammatory and infectious pains, and many unknown pain effect. For advanced cancer patients, it can also significantly reduce pain and discomfort, improve their mental state and sleep, and improve their quality of life. Not only is trioxide analgesic effective, it also has no side effects and addiction.


Cardio-cerebral and peripheral vascular diseases

Ozone autologous blood transfusion therapy can change the way platelets are aggregated in the blood, form peroxides in places where there are blood clots, change the development of blood clots, promote the disintegration of blood clots, and oxidize and remove the fatty substances that adhere to the blood vessel walls , Enhance the elasticity of blood vessels and regulate the permeability of blood vessels. It has good adjuvant treatment effect on patients with cardio-cerebral vascular ischemic disease and cerebral edema.



Ozone autologous blood transfusion therapy can significantly reduce the cholesterol content in the blood, lower the uric acid level, and significantly reduce the transaminase content of pathological enhancement. Observations at home and abroad show that the treatment of hyperlipidemia with this therapy has significantly better time and efficiency than statin treatment without any side effects.



Foreign studies have confirmed that ozone has the same effect as insulin, which can accelerate glucose metabolism in the body, promote sugar conversion, reduce the blood sugar concentration of patients, and avoid the burning of fat in patients. It is very good for diseases such as eye diseases and diabetic feet caused by diabetes. Curative effect.


Viral hepatitis

The efficacy is comparable or weaker than antiviral drugs such as interferon and lamivudine, but there are no side effects of antiviral drugs and the cost is lower. For the clinical treatment of acute hepatitis, trioxin has a good effect on jaundice and reduces transaminase. It has obvious effect on alcoholic hepatitis and drug hepatitis.


Chronic fatigue syndrome

Abbreviated as CFS abroad. After one course of treatment (10 times), the symptoms disappeared and the effect was very obvious.


skin disease

Regulates the metabolism of the human system, increases the oxygen supply to the skin, enhances the ability of red blood cells to deform, unblocks capillaries, improves microcirculation, repairs necrotic cell tissues, and rebuilds skin mechanisms. Works wonders for many skin diseases.



Carbon monoxide poisoning, insomnia caused by autonomic disorders, etc.

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Therapeutic effects of ozone autotransfusion therapy

Three activations

1. Activates red blood cell metabolism, increases oxygen saturation of hemoglobin, and enhances tissue utilization of oxygen and ATP.

2. Activate the body's immune system to normalize white blood cells in the blood and increase phagocytosis

Strong, increased T lymphocytes to 204%, T active lymphocytes increased by 70%.

3. Activate the antioxidant enzyme system, increase the level of hexaketone prostaglandin F1 in the plasma and enhance the body

Antioxidant enzyme activity reduces the damage to the body caused by free radicals.

Four improvements

1. Improve blood flow, increase blood phagocytic granulocytes, increase the level of free heparin in the blood, reduce the aggregation of red blood cells, and enhance the ability to deform.

2. Improve microcirculation, reduce cerebral edema, and regulate the functional status of cerebral blood vessels.

3. Improve blood metabolism, can reduce blood sugar, uric acid, bilirubin, lactic acid, pyruvate, can reduce the lipid peroxide malondialdehyde and thromboxane B2.

4. Improve the condition of the blood vessel wall, reduce the aggregation of platelets, and decrease the blood viscosity, thereby improving the condition of the blood vessel wall.

Seven roles

Strong oxidation

2. Promote blood circulation

3. Promote the release of oxygen from oxygenated hemoglobin to the tissue to increase the level of oxygen metabolism

4. Immune stimulation and balance

5. Broad-spectrum antibacterial effect

6. Scavenging Free Radicals

7. Remove virus cells

Contraindications to ozone treatment

1. Ozone is strictly prohibited from being directly inhaled into the lungs because ozone can damage alveolar epithelial cells.

2. Ozone has the effect of activating metabolism in the body, and ozone treatment is contraindicated in patients with hyperthyroidism.

3. Authors of myocardial infarction, hypotension, internal bleeding, hypocalcemia, hypoglycemia, pregnant women, thrombocytopenia, ozone allergy, acute alcoholism, citrus allergy (those using sodium citrate), and disorders of coagulation mechanisms (such as hemophilia ), Broad bean disease, etc.

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