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Unique Ozone Injection Therapy

Ozone injection is to inject a high concentration of ozone into the disc herniation site, using the anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects of ozone to vaporize proteoglycans in the disc, , to make the protruding disc smaller or disappear, so as to relieve nerve compression and achieve the goal of radical cure.

Is ozone the same as Sacral canal closure?

Sacral canal closure is a treatment technique that reduces the sensitivity of human nerves to pain in the short term by injecting drugs such as anesthesia and hormones into the human spinal canal, in order to ease the pain of patients with herniated discs, while ozone injection uses ozone for the vaporization of intervertebral disc proteoglycans, ozone is injected into the disc herniation site to ablate, shrink and disappear the protrusions, fundamentally relieve nerve compression and achieve the goal of radical cure.

     (1) Sacral canal closure focuses on short-term analgesia, however, the compression of the nerve root by the protruding disc has not been relieved, which is a "temporary” solution; ozone injection technology uses the vaporization effect of ozone on the protrusion to fundamentally relieve the compression and focus on the long term The effect is a "fundamental" approach.

     (2) The closure of the sacral canal is only analgesic in a short period of time, the protruding disc is still there, and the nerve compression has not been relieved, so the possibility of recurrence after the effect of the anesthetic disappears is great; ozone injection makes the protruding disc be vaporized and absorbed, so there is no possibility of recurrence for the same protruding site.

Studies have shown that the effective rate of this method is 95-98%. The biggest advantage of this method is that the effect is exact, and there are fewer complications and side effects. Moreover, the extra-disk injection method has gradually been accepted clinically and widely spread. Experts conducted a 3-year long-term follow-up of 360 patients treated with "ozone". The total effective rate was 91%, and no complications were found. This shows that the method has outstanding long-term effects. Experts have proven that complications through ozone injection are significantly lower than surgery. In addition, this therapy has the advantages of short hospital stay and low cost of treatment, and has been accepted by patients. Ozone injection has been used to treat cervical disc herniation with satisfactory results. This minimally invasive treatment technique brings the gospel to patients with cervical disc herniation and greatly improves their quality of life. And for some patients who have surgical indications but are afraid of surgery or the surgery is difficult, the choice of ozone injection therapy has important clinical application value.

 1. At the "International Conference on New Medical Technology" held at the Beijing International Convention Center on March 1, 2005, more than 40 countries around the world participated in the event. At this conference, ozone injection technology was recognized by representatives from all over the world for its safety, reliability and unique therapy.

2. The pain technology training courses sponsored by the Pain Branch of the Chinese Medical Association have arranged special lectures on this project, and more than 2,000 students have been accepted. Professor Fengde Cui, director of the Orthopedics Center of Chengdu Ruijin Hospital, was also invited to give a special report on the results of the project. This project was rated as the first prize of Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Progress in 2006 by the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission.

The fact that more and more colleagues have come to study and learn from Professor Cui from all over the country and invited him to give lectures also proves that the clinical research and application of ozone injection technology has been greatly developed in China and reached the international advanced level. It is also the pride of the Chinese!

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