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National P3 Laboratory for the first time to prove that ozone can kill SARS

Since the discovery and use of ozone, the world has been using ozone on all kinds of viruses, bacteria, "fierce struggle", and summed up a lot of experience. Such as ozone to Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas fluorescens, in Salmonella typhi, Fu's dysenteric bacili, choleraic vibrio, the antigen of hepatitis B virus, influenza A virus antigen of influenza A virus and, as well as "toxic" AIDS virus (HIV) have been sterilization experiment, and achieved very good effect and ozone to these viruses, bacteria destroyed, very quickly, can be said to be "knife chapeau to fall".

And the cause of atypical pneumonia is the culprit is a new variant of the coronavirus. Scientists' understanding of it and final confirmation after the great twists and turns, ozone as an excellent disinfectant,

there has been no opportunity with the SARS virus solo run ", but ozone industry experts and scholars generally believe that ozone on SARS virus will have a certain effect. Due to the lack of first-hand experimental data, so can only be inferred from the theory.

Recently, China ozone Industrial Association Professor Ze Lin Li, director of the technical committee of experts, "national P3 lab" hosted by ozone quenching experiments on live SARS virus, experiment of green monkey kidney cells were inoculated with SARS virus killed viability was 99.22% and after three repeated experiments reaches very high inactivation efficiency, has achieved a great success.

According to the China ozone industrial association to the International Ozone Association retrieval, the use of ozone destruction live SARS virus experiment is the world's first. It not only to the society provides the scientific basis for effective ozone to kill SARS virus, which influence the development of ozone industry of China and the world, more important is, consumers can rest assured that the use of ozone products to destroy the SARS virus. The same period by the Chinese Academy of Environmental Sciences completed the contrast experiment shows that the use of ozone in line with the requirements of environmental safety.

Ozone as a broad-spectrum bactericidal agent and oxidation of solvent, has been gradually let the majority of medical technical personnel accreditation, ozone huge potential medical value, will bring the medical profession new disinfection, sterilization and treatment of space.

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