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Clinical application of medical ozone treating hepatitis hospital

In 2004 September 21 - 23, the many hospitals (including; Southern Medical University; Guangzhou 510515; China < original; the First Military Medical University; Guangzhou > affiliated Nanfang Hospital, West China University of Medical Sciences Affiliated Hospital Medical College Affiliated Hospital of liver specialist in the beautiful city of Qinhuangdao held medical ozone basic and clinical seminars, meeting invited European medical ozone Dr., President of the association Hansler (Heusler), and German medical ozone experts Schreimber (Schreiber) in the treatment of details and clinical application of medical ozone biological action principle, and the clinical presentation. Medical ozone treatment in the role of the latest research results of the new scientific research has attracted widespread attention of experts.

Medical ozone in foreign countries especially in Europe clinical application has been very common, mainly used in the treatment of treatment of trauma and refractory ulcer (such as diabetes, cancer adjuvant therapy, lumbar intervertebral disc and bone and joint disease treatment, anti free radical and anti senescence and stroke diseases such as, pro clinical curative effect has been fully affirmed. In recent years, the medical ozone in the treatment of viral hepatitis has made a great breakthrough. In a cohort study of acute hepatitis showed good jaundice, transaminase lowering effect of medical ozone; in research of hepatitis C treatment (n = 60): three times a week is ozone self blood therapy and rectal perfusion therapy for 8 weeks, undetectable HCV RNA (HCV RNA) rate was 37%. Preliminary clinical applications indicate that the ozone therapy is a safe, economical, and more efficient and effective treatment for hepatitis. Mechanism of technical secondary school of ozone in the treatment of chronic hepatitis B in a lively discussion and review recent studies report (including the scientific journal published papers, science, VOL.2982002), certainly the specific ozone concentration (42ug/ml) by induce the body to produce a variety of cytokines, such as interferon (beta, gamma), interleukin 6, tumor necrosis factor (TNF), growth factors and other and achieve the immune activation and inhibition of cellular and viral replication; at the same time ozone to improve microcirculation but also conducive to the treatment of hepatitis.


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