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In the first national symposium held in medical ozone technology

North network news (reporter Yu Hao correspondent Sun Xiaojun): the first symposium of ozone technology seminar in May 20th, held in the academic department of Second Hospital Affiliated to Tianjin Medical University. This is currently the nation's highest level of medical ozone technology seminar, many professors, doctoral tutor and around the country more than 150 experts gather together from the PLA General Hospital in Beijing, Guangzhou South University (formerly the Second Military Medical University), Nanfang Hospital, Southern Medical University and Tianjin Medical University the 2nd hospital pain, interventional radiology, the ozone technique in the treatment of cervical and lumbar intervertebral disc protrusion disease progress at home and abroad and its application were rich and warm exchanges and discussions.

Cervical and lumbar intervertebral disc herniation is a common and frequently occurring disease in people's health. For a long time in traditional discectomy and decompression of the principles, such as total laminectomy, hemilaminectomy, intervertebral disc windows approach discectomy, the vast most patients can achieve good release with nerve root decompression. However, due to the large trauma, postoperative recovery time, spine instability and other complications, as well as postoperative complications such as adhesion, scar caused by the nerve pain.

With the development of non vascular interventional technology in recent years, minimally invasive surgery for treatment of lumbar disc herniation has become more and more accepted by the people. Therefore, domestic and foreign scholars also of minimally invasive treatment for lumbar disc protrusion do plenty of research and exploration, the main treatment method comprises the following steps: the percutaneous intervertebral disc cutting aspiration, the percutaneous laser or RF intervertebral disc decompression, chemical solution nuclear technology, these treatments are different advantages and disadvantages.

Ozone ablation is a minimally invasive treatment technology, which has been widely developed in Europe in recent years. It has also been developed rapidly in China. Some university hospital and this technology application basis, clinical efficacy, image orientation, operation technology, the therapeutic concentration and injection dose and the imaging changes and combined application of technology were also a lot of exploration, and achieved excellent therapeutic effect.

The academic exchanges and seminars will promote the development of the application of ozone technology in China, has a very important significance. To establish a solid foundation for the development of minimally invasive technique in the treatment of cervical and lumbar intervertebral herniation, and to establish a solid foundation for the safety, effectiveness and scientific development.


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