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The 9th National Medical Ozone Clinical Application Seminar Closed

The 9th National Medical OzoneClinical Application Seminar Closed

The 9th National Medical Ozone Clinical Application Seminar held successfully from June 30th toJuly 1st at Xianyang, Shannxi Province. It was co-sponsored by China Medical Doctors Association Pain Specialists Branch and Chinese Journal of Pain Medicine, prepared and organized by South Medical University South Hospital,the Fourth Medical University Xijing Hospital, the No.2 Affiliated Hospital of Shannxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Shannxi Xinshi MedicalTechnology Co., Ltd, also got great support from Pain & Rehabilitation Science and Industry Federation of China Association of Traditional ChineseMedicine, China Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine Pain Branch Ozone Treatment Group and the editorial committee of Ozone Medicine Research. Ozone treatment experts from Italy and India together with more than 300 clinical doctors from around China were invited to participate this seminar.

It was a big and happy event in the development of ozone medicine in China, witnessing the 96th anniversary of the founding of Chinese Communist Party and the establishment of Ozone Treatment Specialized Committee of China Medical Doctors Association Pain Specialists Branch.

After the opening ceremony, Prof. He Xiaofeng,President of WFOT and Director of Interventional Radiology Department of South Medical University South Hospital, first gave a speech of “Review of OzoneTreatment History and New Trend of Clinical Application” in which Prof. He reviewed briefly the 18 years development of ozone treatment in China and summarized the new trend of clinical application in cerebral infarction,diabetic foot, oviduct stenosis, sub-health etc.; then Mr. Xiao Jun, Editorial Director of Chinese Journal of Pain Medicine explained “Ozone Correlation Guide(Consensus) Formulation Procedure and Means”, after which Dr. Lamberto Re,President of Italian Federation of Ozone Treatment, Dr. Mili Shah, President of Ozone Forum of India also made their presentations followed by ozone specialists from various regions told about the clinical application in each departments and their achievements, representatives present at the meeting joined the discussion actively, benefit a lot and expressed their confidence towards the future of ozone medicine.

Finally, the farewell party brought the seminar to a successful close and everybody agreed to meet each other in Guangzhou at the WFOT Congress in 2018.

As one of the co-organizers of this meeting,Zibo Qianyan Medical Instrument Co., Ltd sent staffs attending the seminar and demonstrated our latest product – special device of ozone therapy for diabeticfoot, which obtained broad attention and recognition from all circles. With the perseverance and professionalism since 2005, Zibo Qianyan Medical will keep on working hard in the field of ozone treatment to make our own contribution to the progress and development of ozone medicine in China!

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