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Under technology cooperation between domestic technicians and American Doctors from ADELComputer Software (China) Co., Ltd of US sole proprietorship, Zibo Frontiers Medical Instrument Co., Ltd was established as a high-tech enterprise integrated with science, industry and trade to develop hi-tech medical equipment and instruments at innovation park of high and new tech development zone in Zibo City of Shandong Province, Peoples’ Republic of China.

Thecompany insists on the idea of development of “integrity, pragmatism, innovationand devotion”, and rallies a host of high-competent talent adept in technology,management and operation. The company now have R&D center in US and among the head office staff, there are 4 doctors (3 in US), 4 masters (3 studied inUS), 4 professors, 5 senior engineers, 1 senior accountant, 1 advanced industry designer, all with spirit of innovation, professionalism, and high-level R&D capabilities synchronous with the advanced world level.

Main Products:

  • MedicalOzone Therapy Unit (Model ZAMT-100 & ZAMT-80)

  • Aspirationand Incision Positioning guider (Model ZAMT-19)

  • UVLED light source Ozone Concentration Consistency Transmitter (Model ZAMT-2203)

  • OzoneConcentration Detector (Model IDEAL-2000)

The above high-tech products are jointly designed by Chinese technicians and American ADEL Co., Ltd integrated with advanced world level technology and China’s national condition,has obtained 18 state patents for each technology.

They are the third generation medical ozone therapy devices manufactured accordingto international NTP Standards.

The Vertical Type Ozone Therapy Unit registered as a Type-device by SFDA.

Selected by a medical team of MDs from Guangdong, our products lived through theatrocious weather in Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and Sinkiang basin with ozone therapy specialist in the medical team, Doctor He Xiaofeng from Southern Medical University, and succeeded in curing the illness of Tibet Living Buddha.

With deep medical industry background, we have established partnership with multiple world famous medical apparatus and instruments companies from Europe andAmerica. Relying on excellent professional team, we devote to the application and promotion of cutting-edge medical technology in the world, synchronously introduce the advanced medical equipment and technology from Europe and America, for which being integrated and developed, thus provide an optimum platform with frontiers medical technology for all levels medical institutionsand medical equipment suppliers in China and other developing countries.

Taking the concept of “People-oriented Science and Technology”and unremitting efforts consistently, we strive to play a positive role in the noble cause of technological innovation and China-made high-tech medical equipment evolution, looking forward to working with you to develop andprogress hand in hand!




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